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What's it like being a Random Hugger?

It's fun, it's beautiful, it's moving, it's confronting - stepping out for the first time asking a stranger if they want a hug! After each wonderful hug it becomes easier, even when people say no, or say nothing at all and just walk on. One of the highlights is when people look at me curiously and wonder what is it I really want, then when they realise it's simply a hug, they smile or laugh and open their arms ready for a hug! It's funny watching people put their head down and make as if to walk on hurriedly, then realise what I'm saying and literally jump at me saying 'oh! yes I'll have a hug'. It gives me such an emotional kick when someone says an absolute 'no' and carries on walking, and I see them smile as they walk away! YES!
Mayella Reynolds

We had a really good day ... I ended up with a totally different team, which was made up of students and teenagers. The highlight of the day was an elderly gentleman who cried when I hugged him because he hadn't been hugged in years and said I had made his day, so I hugged him again! Bless him!
Children were amazing - totally showing adults up when it came to hugging! ... it made them smile and those that said 'no thank-you' were laughing and smiling at our entourage of huggers! My team were fantastic and are up for doing more random hugging!
Debs Davies, Sheffield