Here's some feedback we've had from people who were hugged:

(2012 - South Bank London) I just wanted to let you know that my 'random hug' made my day completely different - much more upbeat! I was walking along the South Bank towards the Tate Modern (I think I was not far from Waterloo Bridge) when lovely young man approached me and introduced the concept. I am a HUGE fan of hugs as being beneficial in so many ways so I didn't need to think twice before returning the hug.
What a simply lovely idea.
Thank you!
Alexis OOOO (Hugs, of course!)

I love to get your little mail with updates of your work, you embody happiness on this earth! I love your campaign and I think what you do is amazing. I wish that I one day can come and join you and hug strangers myself the way I was once, many years ago now, hugged by one of you.
I live in Sweden and was on vacation in London when a total stranger walked up to me and asked if she could hug me. It is not in my culture or nature to let people in, so I just said a chocked 'no' and stumbled on. But the woman asked my friends and started telling us about your project and gave them a hug. Then, how could I refuse? It was probably the best hug of my life and I left her with the biggest smile you can imagine. The happiness lasted all day, and it still warms my soul when I think of it.
I still have your sticker on a piece of furniture in my appartment.
Good luck with your future projects, and if life brings me back to England one day I will definately come and give you all a big hug!
Stora Kramar (Big hugs)
Lotta, Sweden.

I was in Covent Garden on sunday 7th and a sweet woman called Laura asked if I would like a hug! I was SO excited because I LOVE hugs. I have a history of 'training' friends who aren't 'huggers'. I am proud to say those darling mates now not only initiate hugs, but love them too! I joke with my friends that all I want to do is travel the world hugging people! Then I found you guys! ;-D I was so excited and chatted to her about it, (also started jumping up and down and clapping - which I am prone to doing if something is really awesome!)

I would LOVE to be a hugger! Please include me on any email newsletters, ....
Take care, thank you and MASSIVE HUGS!
Neen x


My sister came from Turkey last week to stay with me for a while and I mentioned this event to her. She especially wanted to come and hug you today at South Bank. Here is me, my sister and some of your wonderful volunteer huggers [photos below].

My sister says "I think this is the best souvenir I could take with me from here"

Thank you very much for the hugs and the warmth you have been spreading.

Kind regards


Mete & Huggers
Getting Hugged

Hello, Random Huggers!

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for my random hug this afternoon near Waterloo Bridge! I was doing an 11 mile sponsored walk for Garden House Hospice Charity with my mum and 68 others and my legs were starting to ache but the hug really made me smile and feel a whole lot better and feel able to finish the walk - which we did!!

You people are doing a grand job! Thank you once again!

Huge hugs,


I went to Covent garden today expecting a haircut, not a hug! But wow! It really made my day!
Great idea, keep it up! Maybe I will beome a random hugger one day!
Best wishes,


Me and my friends were all randomly hugged today while on a sponsored walk from vauxhall bridge to tower bridge. we were all getting a little bit tired when we saw the huggers and a hug was just what was needed to get our energy back up to 100%!! plus getting a sticker for getting a free hug was a very simple childish way to keep us happy!!! great work everybody!!
Tilly, london xxx

Hello!, i really want to be a random hugger!
My name is Jo, im 14 and i live in Radwinter (near Saffron Walden)

i was in london and i got randomly hugged by loads of people!
i would love to be a random hugger in my area!

love from Jo

Made a day of seeing Kylie in London on May 01, 2005.

Just got home, the day started well with 2 hugs in Covent Garden, great idea, great huggers.

Simple, effective, beautiful

Kevin xx

was out with a friend shopping in neal street yesterday when i received not one but two random hugs, despite being slightly bemused i didn't hesitate to take up the offer, hugging is great and when a complete stranger is willing to do that for you it is fantastic. what a great idea. i would like to spread the word, can i get a t shirt ?????
well done.
katie x

Got randomly hugged in Convent Garden yesterday - brilliant!

Thank you and well done :o)

Best wishes

I'd like to become a hugger! It was a really nice surprise to come across the group of huggers on Sunday in Covent Garden and it is such a good idea. People these days need uplifting and to realise that life really isn't as bad as it seems. :)
My name is Olivia and I'm 19 years old. I was only up in London for the weekend so was quite lucky to bump into the people in covent garden. Im at uni near Birmingham but actually live in Worcestershire.
Next year i go to France for the year as part of my degree, we should spread hugging over there!

Well done for your great idea :)

Best wishes,

I was walking along the South Bank yesterday, coming back from Waterloo Station where my sister had just taken the Eurostar back to Paris, after a week here with me. I was lost in my sad thoughts, missing her already, when someone stopped me and offered me a hug, "just a random act of love", he said. It felt fantastic. A hug was just what I needed to feel better.

I had never heard of this, but I went to the website and I think it's such a great idea... I wanted to congratulate you and your team of random huggers. I'd love to join you.

I live in North London

Please let me know what I need to do.

Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you.

Randomly hugged,


I just wanted to email you after being targetted by a hugger up in London, & i would love to become a hugger or if not get one of those T-shirts! i love the whole idea of huggers, its a brilliant way to show we care & to bring strangers together.
I am seventeen & live near Winchester in Hampshire, & wanted to spread the hugs! I'd really appreciate it if you email me back.

Yours sincerely

Hello there!!

Well.... I was in London for the day on Sunday to watch United beat Charlton at the Valley.... now being a huge United fan and as nice as that was to witness, I can honestly say the highlight of the day was receiving a wonderful free hug on Neal St from one of your gang of smile-givers!!

I flew back home to Dublin that night, and since then I have literally told everyone I have met about this fantastic way of giving each and everyone who you encountered a little lift or a smile or a chuckle. What an amazing way to distract people from their day to day problems and force feed them a laugh or two! Absolute genius!

I have no idea how this event came about, whether there was political or coporate backing behind it, but I would like to think its main purpose was just to give random people a bit of lift by the power of a hug!!

A marvellous piece of thinking that should be employed by every single major city throughout the world. I sincerely commend every single person who was involved with the day..... you should all give yourselves a nice big HUG!!

Many thanks