Our mission is to have a Random Huggers day happen every single day of the year somewhere in the world!

Watch this Richmond 2009 Hugs montage!

Random Huggers Purpose and Ethos

  • The purpose of Random Huggers Day is to spread the love, warmth and wonderful energy that is in a great hug, around the world.

  • Random Huggers’ ethos is - simplicity, loving, providing the powerful energy of a hug, grounded and environmentally friendly.

  • Random Huggers Day promotes acceptance, courage, laughter, connectedness, peace and possibility.

  • Random Huggers are open, genuine, generous, fun and courageous people!

  • Random Hugs are warm, healing, powerful and free.


The idea for Random Huggers Day originated when I was listening to LBC Radio one morning, 28th November 2003, when a comment that Nick Ferrari made caught my attention. He said "It seems you can find random terrorists on the streets - why don't we find random huggers?" What a brilliant idea! It really tickled me to think of a group of people offering hugs in the streets of London. We can all do with a hug! So I contacted a few friends and we got together to create Random Huggers Day. It was really that simple.

I am an inspirational coach, Theta Healing practitioner and teacher and workshop leader and have often been accused of doing mad things - and it's true. I love a challenge and I love challenging people to step outside of their comfort zones! I also love playing and having fun.

Register as a Random Hugger or, if you're not too sure, call me for a chat. I look forward to speaking with you.

Love and hugs