Saturday May 16th 2015

  • London 11am - 2pm:
  • Covent Garden - meet Chris Reynolds at the junction of Shelton St, Earlham St and Neal St
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    Meetup Event

    South Bank of the Thames - meet Resli Costabell on the riverside path by the flag pole in Jubilee Gardens, between the London Eye and Hungerford Bridge
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    Meetup Event

    Come, join us and give away Free Hugs!

    Quote from Sammy Dolton, floor manager of Reebok in Brighton marina: "The team and customers really enjoyed random hugging for the day! It was great fun, the shop had a happy atmosphere." Over 500 hugs were given inside and outside the store on Sunday May 8th 2011.

    A quote from someone who got hugged:
    "I was very glad to be hugged by you and your great team on Sunday - we need more people like you all in the world! I hope it was a great experience for you and everybody else. I went away feeling very airy, happy and relaxed... I wasn't feeling bold enough that day, but I'd be interested in joining your team for future occasions."

    Feedback from one of our younger Huggers (7 years old):
    "I was scared!!!! But I'm going to do it again next year. I liked the other huggers. I liked the t-shirt but I got very hot. It's easier when you're hugging people who aren't scared like me. Because I was so scared yeah, I couldn't speak so my mum did the talking and I had fun and I liked doing the stickers. Imo."


    Mission of Random Huggers Team

    The intention of Random Huggers Day is to have a Random Huggers Day somewhere in the world every single day of the year! There is no charity or corporation involved. This is about one human being giving another human being a gift, for nothing!

    Giving people a hug is very special. It is a simple way of expressing love, care and friendship. And, it can save lives. Our intention is to spread some warmth, love and fun, and all the wonderful energy that is in a hug.

    Join us and become a hugger or set up your own Random Huggers event?

    Let's get the whole world hugging! Who do you know in other parts of the UK and world who would love to start up Random Huggers Day where they are? Please pass the website details on!

    Letís spread the power of a hug around the world.

    If you were hugged on a Random Huggers Day - send us some feedback on what it was like for you. Please email Mayella

    Random Huggers ethos